Our Philosophy

The baobab tree is iconic on the African landscape. Families and communities have gathered under its branches for millennia to pass knowledge on to the next generation through music, dance and drumming. The baobab tree is the namesake and metaphor for BaobaoTree. Pronounced bah-oh bah-oh tree, it rhymes with bow-bow-tree.

Our expertise is in music of the African diaspora. These are the wide-ranging music traditions that grew from the expressive practices and community values of many African people groups. The seeds of African music have taken root and are in flower everywhere. Music of the African diaspora thrives across the globe. 

     Dia means "across" 

     Spora means "seeds"

We equip K-12 music educators with tools for teaching music of the African Diaspora in ways that convey authentic practice, provide cultural context and center the voices of culture-bearers. 

We supply curriculum, training and professional development. 

Our Services

Curriculum Development


We offer curriculum and curriculum development services to drive growth in skill and knowledge, to meet national music standards and to facilitate ease of lesson delivery.



Our instructor-led training gives music educators a host of unique pedagogical tools to engage students and transform music classrooms into musical communities.

Professional Development


We offer professional development to impart relevant up-to-date scholarship, to trumpet important voices from the margins and to close the gap between theory and practice.